Word of Mouth: Trey Rintala's Best of New Orleans

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Get tips on the best dining and nightlife in New Orleans from chef and food writer Trey Rintala.
Trey Rintala
Trey Rintala

Trey Rintala

Trey Rintala, line cook, armchair anthropologist, food writer, and pit bull advocate tells The Daily Meal his favorite places in New Orleans, LA.

Brunch: Dante's Kitchen

Fancy: Upperline

Best Value: Tacos Borrachos

Bar Scene/Drinks: Snake and Jakes Christmas Club Lounge

Business Lunch: Cochon Butcher

Burger: Capdeville

Pizza: Pizza Delicious/Sugar Park Tavern

Sandwich: The Milk Bar

Food Truck: Taceaux Loceaux

Regional: Cochon

Hidden Gem: Cowbell

Mexican/Latin-American: Los Paisanos

Japanese: Kyoto

Spanish/Tapas: Baru

Thai/Southeast Asian: Chill Out Cafe

Wine List: Delachaise

Chinese: Chinese Kitchen

Seafood: Casamento's

Steak: La Boca

Italian: Adolfo's

Barbeque: The Joint

Desserts: Maple Street Patisserie

Indian: Taj Mahal Indian Cuisine

Vegetarian: 13 Monaghan

Wild Card: St James Cheese Company