When is Easter 2017?

Get ready for the holiday with help from The Daily Meal


Easter’s date is quickly approaching, don’t get caught off guard.

There are always a few sure signs of spring: the days getting slightly longer, the snow turning to rain, allergies kicking into gear, and of course the impending arrival of Easter. But as the weather warms up, activities outside of the home kick into gear, and it’s easy to get swept up in all that unfamiliar sunshine and forget to look at your calendar. Before you know it, Easter has arrived and you haven’t done a single thing about it!

If you’re worried about making it down the Easter Bunny rabbit hole in time, worry no more. We’ve got you covered with 2017’s Easter date, and tips on how to be as prepared as possible for this holy occasion.

In 2017, Easter will take place on Sunday, April 16. Unlike the other major Christian holiday, Christmas, the date of Easter changes every year. Ever wonder why?

It changes so frequently because the forefathers of Christianity wanted to align it with the Jewish springtime holiday of Passover. Since Passover is celebrated according to the Jewish calendar, which is based on lunar cycles, the date it changes each year. 

Now that you know when to celebrate Easter (and why its date changes so often), we’re here to help you begin planning your celebration. We’ll show you everything how to hard boil an egg perfectly every time, how to have the most creative dyed eggs, and what to do with all of those leftover eggs after you’re done decorating. Did your kids get up early to hunt for their Easter baskets? We have your Easter breakfast covered. And, of course, no Easter would be complete without plenty of chocolate, and we have lots of fun candy ideas for the big day. For your Easter party, we also have everything from table décor ideas to how to plan the perfect Easter egg hunt.


From Easter menus and party ideas to the best Easter dinner, dessert, and cocktail recipes, we’ve got you covered. Find all this and more on The Daily Meal’s Easter Recipes & Menus Page. And have a hoppy Easter!

This article was originally published by Lauren Gordon on March 26, 2014.