Why Colombian Coffee Is Supposedly the Best Brew Ever

Addicted to the java? Try a Colombian blend

Shutterstock/ Tarapong Srichaiyos

Everyone talks about how good Colombian coffee is, but why?

The characteristics of the beans that make coffee depend on the conditions they’re grown in. Just as a wine type is reliant on the grape grown, a coffee type depends on the origins of its bean. With that, thanks to the way its beans are grown, Colombian coffee is always said to be one of the best.

The higher the elevation, the better the bean tastes. Coffee must grow between 30 degrees north and 30 degrees south (better known as the “bean belt,” according to Bryanna Plog). Colombian coffee is usually produced between the cities of Medellín, Bogotá, and Cali — three places nestled in the hills of perfect coffee growing climate. A wet, tropical climate and high altitude is a coffee growing haven, and these cities check every box on the list.

Though Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Africa are known for producing delicious coffee as well, nearly 11,000,000 bags of coffee are exported from Colombia each year. If that doesn’t serve as proof for the perfect cup of Joe, we’re not sure what does.


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