London Restaurant Creates Three-Course Brunch for Dogs

Fancy dogs will get to try a three-course brunch tasting menu in London
Brunch for dogs

London restaurant Bluebird has created an extremely fancy three-course brunch menu for the very poshest of dogs. 

Dogs like eating more than just about anything in the world, but they are not exactly the most discriminating of gourmands. Most dogs will happily eat anything they find under the sofa and consider dust bunnies to be an acceptable garnish, but one London restaurant has decided to give them something better anyway and has actually created a high-end, three-course brunch tasting menu for dogs.

According to Metro, the London restaurant Bluebird recently announced a “Bites and Bones Pop-Up,” where from April 27 to May 1 they will invite customers to bring their dogs along to brunch.

The brunch will be served in the restaurant’s courtyard, and the dogs will start the meal with dog-friendly beer the restaurant is calling “Pooch Hooch,” a first course of venison sausage and beefy brown rice with beef broth reduction, and then a chicken and lamb “barkenberg” loaf. For dessert the dogs will have a peanut butter and sweet potato macaron filled with gelato, if their owners don’t wind up stealing them all for themselves.

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