Angry Sushi Chefs Start Actual Knife Fight

Two sushi chefs were arrested for fighting with their sushi knives

Wikimedia/Japan Sushi

Tensions between two chefs at a Long Island sushi restaurant got so high this week that they actually attacked each other with their knives. 

Police were called to a Long Island sushi restaurant this weekend to settle a fight after tensions between two chefs got so heated that they actually went after each other with their knives.

According to the New York Post, the incident occurred at the Ichiban Sushi restaurant and hibachi grill, and one of the two combatants was so sliced up in the fight that he had to be rushed to the hospital. Doctors say he'll be OK, though. 

Fighting with sushi knives seems like a terrible idea, and not just because adults are supposed to use their words and not violence to settle differences, and not just because starting a knife fight is likely to get a person arrested. On top of all that, professional sushi knives are really expensive and delicate. They're much too expensive to waste swinging at other people. 

Police say neither man sustained life-threatening injuries, but one of the combatants was arrested for assault. The other one was treated at the hospital.

The restaurant manager said he had no idea what happened or how things got so out of hand, but both of the chefs were reportedly new to the restaurant. He said one was a sushi chef and one was the kitchen chef. One assumes both are fired now.

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