8 Best Restaurants in Hawaii

America’s 50th state is made up of 6 major islands and has at least 8 restaurants you shouldn’t miss
8 Best Restaurants in Hawaii

Photo by Lahaina Grill via Yelp

Lahaina Grill is the best restaurant in Maui, but it's not the best in all of Hawaii.

Surf, sun, and tropical drinks — that’s what Hawaii is about, and it’s all you’re probably dreaming of when looking forward to an upcoming island vacation. But wait, what about food? Does this little group of volcanic rocks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean offer some good grub?

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Of course it does, especially when it comes to seafood. However, fans of all types of fare will be pleased by the dining options in the Aloha State. In addition to drawing influence from countries near and far, there are also a wide variety of settings and atmospheres for every occasion and price. You’ll need to dress your best at some, while others don’t even require shirts or shoes.


Regardless of what you’re looking to eat, you’ll find it somewhere in Hawaii, in addition to all sorts of other wonderful dishes just waiting to be tasted. But just in case you neglected to do the research yourself before jetting off to paradise, we compiled a list of the top spots based on awards, customer reviews, chef expertise, and rankings in other publications. Consider this your official guide to the eight best restaurants in America’s 50th state.