Park Secrets Disney Doesn’t Want You to Know

There’s more going on behind the scenes than you could ever imagine

These Disney secrets will surprise even the biggest theme park fan.

It’s not surprising that a lot goes into running a theme park, and that couldn’t be more true than for Disney. From Disneyland’s classic rides and sights like The Haunted Mansion and Sleeping Beauty Castle to flashy, new attractions at Walt Disney World like Flight of Passage in Animal Kingdom, it takes a massive effort just to turn the lights on and get guests through the gates at Disney’s six American theme parks and two waterparks. That’s no secret. However, there are a lot of things going on behind the scenes that Disney would rather its guests and fans didn’t know.

Park Secrets Disney Doesn't Want You to Know Gallery

Of course they don’t want you to know what Mickey Mouse looks like without his head on or what exactly goes on backstage, but there are 25 less-obvious things that make the park run smoothly every day that you may not even think about.

Did you ever wonder why the flags on Main Street don’t lower to half-mast, why it smells vaguely of saltwater when you walk by Pirates of the Caribbean, or why the raccoon at Splash Mountain looks so familiar from your childhood? Well, wonder no more — check out these 25 park secrets that Disney doesn’t want you to know.