Best Study-Abroad Locations for Food Lovers

If you’re a college student who loves traveling as much as you love food, consider one of these 8 cities for studying abroad

Next stop: The perfect study abroad location.

Whenever I’m asked for advice from a college-bound youngster (which is rarely to never), I always offer the same tip: Be sure to study abroad for a semester. It allows you to travel far from home (especially if you go to school in-state), to reach a new level of independence, to experience a completely new culture, to learn tolerance toward others different from yourself, and, in some cases, to learn a new language.

The only hard part is deciding where to go.

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If you’re like us, the term “culture” makes you think of food first and foremost, and this can absolutely be a good basis on which to make your destination selection. Of course there are numerous other factors — like quality of education, safety, exchange rates, and possible language barriers — but if the primary goal is to learn about the country and its people, thinking with your stomach can end up being a solid method for picking a place.


And in the end, you’re probably going to be eating three meals a day of the local cuisine, so the food definitely isn’t insignificant. With that in mind, here are 8 of the best study abroad locations for food lovers.