The Replacement for Noma, ‘the World’s Best Restaurant,’ Has Officially Been Announced

Rene Redzepi announced that the replacement for Noma, which is closing at the end of the 2016, will be called 108

It’s the end of an era for the restaurant that had consistently been named the best restaurant in the world.

René Redzepi is ending the Noma chapter of his culinary career and beginning a new one. Noma, Redzepi’s Copenhagen restaurant that consistently topped world’s best restaurant lists (and came in at number three on our list), is permanently closing at the end of 2016. We already announced this news earlier this fall, but now it has been made official: Redzepi has stated that he will be opening a new eatery called 108 in late spring 2017 in Copenhagen.

Throughout January, the Noma team will be traveling to Australia for a pop-up and during that time, the new 108 team will take over the old Noma space to transform it and give diners a little preview of what’s to come, according to The Telegraph.

“We’ve spent the last six months preparing for this project: we’ve created dishes, started collaborations with various farmers, and salted, pickled, and preserved all the delicious berries, plants, and flowers that nature has to offer,” said chef Kristian Bauman, who will be opening the new venue with Redzepi. "I want to keep exploring; creating the essence of an urban restaurant; one with a proximity to nature, to farms, and to the vibes of the city.”


Earlier this year when Redzepi first announced his plans to close Noma, he explained that he would actually be moving the old Noma to a different, larger space in the city, which would be more of an “urban farm” with a limited menu and fresh ingredients growing at the facility itself. This is a different project from the recently announced 108.