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The lavish bottle can be seen in an episode of ‘House of Cards’
Chef and owner René Redzepi is raffling off tickets to the opening night of Noma 2.0 for charity
But restaurateur René Redzepi’s pop-up ‘Under the Bridge’ will remain open through mid-November
The famed chef announced a new endeavor based around foraging
Ali Sonko has been Noma’s dishwasher for 13 years, is now a co-partner at the internationally acclaimed restaurant
From influential keynote speakers, elite chefs, and presentations, MAD5 succeeded in being an inspirational and engaging event
Kofoed’s restaurant recently won its third Michelin Star
The documentary about Noma showcases the day-to-day systems of operation behind the restaurant voted the best in the world
Rene Redzepi announced that the replacement for Noma, which is closing at the end of the 2016, will be called 108
René Redzepi explained in a recent Op-Ed for Lucky Peach magazine why he decided to turn Noma into an urban farm