America’s Best Barbecue Festivals

Each year sees a massive number of barbecue festivals around America; here are the 10 where you'll have the most fun pigging out

Cooking for charity at New Orleans' Hogs for The Cause.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy — especially when that living includes hearty helpings of barbecue. Be it ribs, steak, burgers, hot dogs, fish, or even fruits and vegetables, almost everything tastes better after getting some time on the grill — and based on the number of barbecue festivals taking place across the country, there’s clearly plenty of grill time out there.

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The only hard part is determining which festivals are among the best. There are literally dozens of major events, and hundreds if you factor in the smaller ones, so what are the criteria for deciding which are best? Basically it comes down to three things: size, popularity, and fame. Sure, more established festivals might get a few bonus points, but overall we tried to keep the playing field as level as possible. Thankfully, there were a few clear leaders.


In the end, however, the real winners are anyone lucky enough to attend one of these 10 festivals — or any other the countless others across America — and the charities that often benefit from the events. Get ready, because there’s a lot of eating and partying to be done this summer — and even though a few of these have already passed for 2016, they’ll be around next year, so be sure to mark your calendar and grab your bib!