Each State’s Favorite Breakfast

The most important meal of every state’s day

Start off your morning like a local.

One of the greatest things about America [cue patriotic music] is the amount of diversity represented from region to region, state to state, and even city to city. Whether it’s in relation to local dialects, values, or customs, the United States truly is a melting pot — an especially apt metaphor considering the amount of different food options available.

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Simply deciding on breakfast presents an endless amount of meals from which to choose, with each location offering up signature dishes unique to their corner of the country. Of course, picking a “favorite” breakfast can be quite difficult, given the difference of opinions between each person, and deciding on a single dish is likely to cause disagreements which can get pretty heated.


Still, there are foods that are undoubtedly tied to certain state’s residents, histories, and agriculture, and this list attempts to call out at least one for each of the 50 states, without repetition. Read on for each state’s favorite breakfast.