20 Finger Foods From Around the World

Leave the utensils at home, because all you need for these 20 delicious finger foods are your 10 fingers and your appetite
20 Finger Foods From Around the World


These extra-fluffy empanadas are hard to resist. Take one — or better yet, take ten.

Much to the chagrin of etiquette schools across the globe, eating is an activity best executed with your hands — and thankfully most cuisines have caught onto this in the form of one dish or another.

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To qualify for this list, the included foods need to be both relatively small in size and commonly eaten with your fingers (obviously), which means nothing too messy, nothing too sauce-covered, and nothing too difficult for people to serve to themselves from a giant platter. Despite the fact that salad is much easier to grab by the handful, it doesn’t qualify for this list, because germs and manners. (This is why we can’t go to nice places!) And speaking of staying at home, we’ve also included links to recipes for every entry.


Forget the forks, say goodbye to spoons, and chuck the chopsticks, because these are the 20 best finger foods from around the world.