10 Weird and Wonderful Candies From Around the World

Candy comes in all shapes, sizes, and flavors… including some of the strangest varieties we've ever seen

No kittens were harmed in the making of this chocolate.

We at The Daily Meal love our candy. Whether it’s sweet, sour, chocolaty, or fruity, we’re always on board.

Well, almost always.

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Although classic but quirky American candies like Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, and Baby Bottle Pops are certainly strange, some types from the international market are flat-out weird, whether in name, taste, texture, or all of the above. In fact, there’s such a shockingly large number of bizarre candies out there that we decided to limit this list to one entry per country. The decision didn’t cause too much of an issue, except when it came to Japan. The Japanese have so many, well, unusual sweets and treats that they could — and will — have their own list in the future.


Please note that, despite our snarky attitude, the following candies weren’t necessarily one-off novelties or prank foods. And even if they were, they still ended up with moderate to heavy staying power, a cult following, and/or a surprisingly enjoyable taste. Do yourself a favor (or flavor) should you get the opportunity, and try these 10 weird and wonderful candies from around the world. You be the judge.