Cheese and Onion Chocolate Bars Exist

These limited-edition chocolate bars are all sold out, but you can probably make them at home
Cheese Onion Chocolate Bars
Facebook/Mr Tayto

Irish food company Tayto released these limited edition cheese-and-onion potato chip chocolate bar.

We will admit that potato chips and chocolate is an excellent combination, but cheese and onion chips in chocolate? We'll have to seriously consider that before trying it.

Still, it seems like the strange combination is winning some fans; Irish food company Tayto has created a cheese and onion flavored chocolate bar, Metro reports, and the firm has already sold out of the first 100,000 bars.

The brand says these are "limited-edition," but we're sure they will make a comeback eventually given the social media craze. Almost 10,000 fans shared the Tayto chocolate photo on Facebook, and in Australia, MSN reports that thousands of Irish expats tried to get their hands on the 24 being raffled off.

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