There’s a Cronut Copycat in San Francisco

Posh Bakery makes “cronots” and delivers across San Francisco

Posh Bakery makes and distributes the Cronot.

The Cronut, developed and trademarked by Dominique Ansel for his eponymous bakery, continues to inspire knockoffs. These croissant-doughnut copycats appeared around the world, in places like Twin Cities, Houston, San Diego, Australia, and Asia (including South Korea’s Dunkin’ Donuts). Now, San Francisco’s Posh Bakery is getting a piece of the action.

The Bay Area’s Posh Bakery is making their own rendition of the pastry, the “Cronot,” Inside Scoop SF reported. Although the bakery has a few Posh Bagel joints, the company is primarily a wholesale purveyor, meaning that San Franciscans may be able to find Cronots at more and more locations.

Posh Bakery makes four flavors: glazed, chocolate, strawberry, and cinnamon. Since they are still testing the new product, it may be hard to get a hold of the Cronot.

According to Posh Bakery, the best places to buy them are at the Lee’s Deli locations (222 Front Street, 235 Montgomery Street, 170 Spear Street, and 75 Battery Street). They ship the pastries to the stores on Mondays, they told Inside Scoop SF. The Cronots are also available for wholesale, and can be ordered on the Posh Bakery website.


“My mouth hole is very pleased with this ‪Cronot thing I just ate,” one Twitter user said. “[I’m] very, very pleased.”