Angel Food Bakery Claims Their Cronut Came First

The baker has been making this croissant and doughnut hybrid for years

The bakery's version of the cronut

After New York’s Dominique Ansel Bakery launched the “cronut” last month, bakeries across the country and the world began serving their versions of the croissant and doughnut hybrid. The baker at Minneapolis’ Angel Food Bakery, however, has been making this pastry for years, owner Cynthia Gerdes told Pioneer Press.

Baker J.D. Gran claims that he has been making this pastry since before the bakery opened in 2012, and made a few batches for June 7th’s National Doughnut Day. “It is a straight-up croissant dough that’s shaped and fried like a doughnut,” Gerdes told The Daily Meal. “There is no cream filling and it is iced with a vanilla glaze.”

Since Dominique Ansel Bakery trademarked the name “cronut,” Angel Food Bakery is looking for a name for their version. The bakery announced on their Facebook page that the person who comes up with the best name would win the first batch of the pastries on any day he or she wished. There are over two hundred Facebook comments so far, with suggestions ranging from weird to funny to suggestive. Think “Cro-Saints,” “Angel Flakes,” “Schmo-nuts,” and “Cronies.”

Gerdes received name submissions not only from Facebook, but also from emails. “We haven’t had time to look at the entries. Right now we’re just calling them ‘what-cha-ma-call-it.’ Next week, we are going to announce the winner,” Gerdes added.


With the upcoming new name and the bakery’s plan to create more flavors of this sweet, customers have a lot to look forward to.