San Diego’s Donut Bar Reveals Their Cronut

The Cronut Craze has arrived on the West Coast

Donut Bar is dubbing their creation the “Crobar."

Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego has developed a version of the cronut (a crossiant-donut hybrid) called the Crobar, Eater is reporting.

In honor of National Donut Day last Thursday, Donut Bar made only 100 Crobars for sale on Friday and Saturday.

According to their Facebook page, the Crobar was the result of collaboration with 7th Café, and featured a vanilla sugar flavor of the treat in addition to their usual specialty donuts.

The creation comes after diners’ infatuation with Dominque Ansel’s New York City cronut, and the subsequent craze that has been sweeping the nation.  

According to Eater, Donut Bakery isn’t the first establishment to attempt a knockoff, with bakeries in Australia, the Phillippines, and Washington D.C. all trying their hand at the deep-fried delight.


The sale lasted only two days, and Donut Bar featured their regular menu items this morning.  There’s no word yet on whether or not the Crobar will be coming back to downtown San Diego, but it is probably safe to assume international enthusiasts have not seen the last of the cronut.