Second Servings: The Daily Meal's Week in Review 5/19/2012

16 great food and drink stories from The Daily Meal that you may have missed this week

You missed them the first time, so grab a helping of these great stories on their second time around.

Sure, it's been a busy week. So you may have missed some of the great stories put out by The Daily Meal's talented editors and their fantastic special contributors. But you wouldn't want to head into the weekend having missed some of the best food stories on the Web. So here's a second serving of some of the great food and drink stories that you definitely shouldn't have missed.


Lady Gaga Wears Another Meat Dress Her schtick is getting a little old.

Eddie Huang on Non-Rock Star Chefs and the Pitchfork/Gawker Media We chatted with the chef about this weekend's Great GoogaMooga, and what it means to be a rock star.


Over-the-Top Burger Toppings In the realm of patty toppings, these combos are out of control.

Where to Eat if You Want to Be President The must-stop spots for politicians on the campaign trail to the White House.


How Likely Are You to Have Stomache Trouble on Your Next Vacation? Follow these tips to avoid travel tummy trouble.

NBA Playoffs 2012 Food Fight Which team's hometown treats are tops?


How to Make the Perfect Sandwich Chef Michael Ferraro shares his tips for creating the ultimate sandwich.

11 Tips for Making the Perfect Hot Dog Experts weigh in on how to take the American classic to the next level.


5 Essential Korean Dishes to Know Going through the basics of Korean cuisine with Hyosun Ro

7 Unusual Foods to Grill Great grilling ideas for the creative cook


Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze Whether during cocktail hour, the reception, dessert, or the after party, couples are getting creative with food bars.

Favorite Food-Related Children's Books We all have a favorite, whether it's 'Strega Nona' or 'Green Eggs and Ham.'


Joshua Skenes on Saison and San Francisco Dining A chat about San Francisco’s fine dining scene and the rise of young chefs there.

Tart Crust Recipe We have Michael Laiskonis, formerly of Le Bernardin and now Creative Director of the Institute of Culinary Education, teaching his go-to tart crust recipe


The Caipirinha: So Good, You'll Want 400 of Them (Like One American Tourist) One guy tries to steal $3,000 worth of the Brazilian cocktail, and we understand why.

Bride Sparks Controversy for Drinking a Beer New Zealand bridal contest sparks debate about whether brides should drink wine or beer.