How To Make A Perfect Sandwich

A meal in itself for dinner or lunch, a sandwich is great on the go, whether neat and compact or sloppy, deliciously messy, and best eaten with a bib. Making the perfect sandwich, though, can be a more challenging task than one would think.

For each person, the perfect sandwich can mean something different. Vegetarians and carnivores are clearly not going to agree on the centerpiece of the sandwich, and others, too, may disagree on the choice of bread: for some, ciabatta or baguettes may be the only possible choice, while a sandwich made without sourdough bread is probably just ridiculous for San Franciscans.

After winning a competition for the best sandwich recipe and recently competing on Iron Chef America, chef Michael Ferraro might be the perfect person to give advice on creating the ultimate sandwich. No matter the choice of bread or fillings, Ferraro offers some basic tips that can be applied to any sandwich, so you can make better meals and lunches at home. Check out his tips below and his winning chicken thigh recipe.

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