Food Bars: The New Wedding Craze

Whether during cocktail hour, the reception, dessert, or the after party, couples are getting creative with food bars

Use clear canisters for the cereal bar for bright pops of color and nostalgia.

Long gone are the days of just a simple (or not-so-simple) three-tiered wedding cake. While the classic confection is still popular, now often found in creative sizes, shapes, hues, and adorned with many embellishments, different desserts and other culinary concoctions are popping up more and more at weddings around the country.

Check out these creative wedding food bars!

When creating a wedding menu, it can be difficult to get creative because you have to cater to so many people, ergo the usual meat, fish, and vegetarian options. But with other parts of the big day, there is a huge opportunity to customize what's being served. It's no surprise that the cupcake craze is still around, making appearances at tons of nuptials, but the fun does not stop there.

Breakfast bars, popcorn bars, fro-yo stations, macaron mania — these are just a few of the ideas that grace our list of truly original ideas for wedding eats.

The day should be a snapshot of the bride and groom, from the small details to every last expense. That can mean everything from serving Grandma's famous cookies (a childhood favorite) to sending guests home with jam from your hometown or an array of popcorn from a memorable vacation spot.

To make sense of it all, create framed notes or mini chalkboards explaining how the food is related to you as a couple.