2013 Sandwich Of The Year: Hinoki & The Bird's Lobster Roll

Every year, it seems as if more and more incredible sandwiches come out of the woodwork, and this year was no exception. While it wasn't easy to narrow down our list of contenders to just one, there's one sandwich that has risen head and shoulders over the competition this year, and that's the lobster roll offered by Los Angeles newcomer Hinoki & the Bird.

While the sandwich that probably got the most negative attention this year was most likely the Cronut burger that sickened more than 200 Canadians, this one got the most positive attention, and with good reason. Just listen to the description of this beauty, created by the restaurant's chef/owner David Myers: a roll dyed jet-black by Japanese charcoal, filled with a heaping portion of fresh lobster tossed with a Thai green curry aioli, topped with Thai basil. Yes, please.

Myers was inspired to create this dish after traveling throughout Asia, and the flavors of the lobster and green curry combine perfectly. Not only does it taste delicious, but it looks stunning, too, and the black bun is something that's legitimately new and exciting.

While the ramen burger from Smorgasburg, Manon's off-menu lobster roll with uni and caviar, Empire Biscuit's muffaletta biscuit, King + Duke's roast pork "French dip," and the towering Chivito at D.C.'s Del Campo all are world-class sandwiches, nothing shook up the sandwich establishment quite as much as the lobster roll at Hinoki & the Bird. And for that, we salute them.