Fake Cronut Burger Definitely Sickened 223 Eaters

Poor Canadians; they just wanted to get in on the trend

Knockoff cronut burgers in Canada caused a health stir this past week.

Yikes; last week the maple bacon jam cronut burgers at the Canadian National Exhibition got the heat for sickening some 150 visitors. The culprit has finally been pinpointed, and the questionable ingredient was none other than the maple bacon jam.

Health officials noted that the jam was contaminated with the Staphylococcus aureus toxin, affecting a total of 223 eaters (almost 100 more than originally reported).

Toronto bakery Le Dolci, which made the maple bacon jam and the fake cronuts, has stopped producing the jam and is currently on summer holiday (planned before the news broke, they note). "At present we are fully cooperating with Toronto Public Health and will update you as soon as we can," the company said in a statement on their Facebook page.


Meanwhile, Epic Burgers has gone back to producing their burgers, dropping the maple bacon cronut burger from their menu (they voluntarily closed their doors during the Toronto Public Health investigation).