Get Ready for a Beautiful Summer with Minneapolis' Tin Fish's Tacos on the Water

This eatery is serving fresh seafood right on Lake of the Isles

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Fried calamari isn’t only an appetizer – it’s a great filling for tacos too!


Although we got our typical cold weather in May, June is right around the corner, marking the beginning of summer and al fresco dining in the sun! As the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota is full of beautiful scenery and Minneapolis is no exception. Lake Calhoun is one of the most popular lakes in the city, located in the ever trendy Uptown. On this lake sits Tin Fish, a restaurant where you can enjoy both a beautiful view and the freshest fish tacos in the city!

Opened in 2004, Tin Fish’s motto is “Fresh Fish, Good Food.” The Minneapolis location on Lake Calhoun is the original location and is only open during the summer (although the team opened up a new location in Edina that serves the favorites all year round!). Expect to wait in line no matter when you go, but know that the fish plates, tacos, and appetizers are worth it.

You can start off your meal with fresh guacamole or ceviche – grab a seat on the porch or the bar at the edge of the lake to wait for the servers to call your name. Don’t forget to order drinks – they have a full range of beers on tap (and even kombucha for those who want to be healthier!). One of the biggest decisions of your day will be choosing your entrée – there is so much to choose from! This restaurant has everything from tacos to fried fish plates and sandwiches. Not to mention each dish is made with fresh fish and fried to order.

On my visits, I usually will get a fried catfish plate which comes with five hearty pieces of fish and a side of waffle fries and coleslaw. You can tell the food is made with heart; even the coleslaw is not your average mayonnaise-mess but a fresh and tangy vinaigrette based side.

Moreover, who can resist waffle fries? No explanation needed there. For those who want something easier to eat on the go, one of the seafood tacos is a great decision. The tacos are not your average 3-inch tortillas tacos – these are huge! With a big portion of seafood, the tacos are then topped with cheese, pico de gallo, lettuce, and a spicy mayo sauce. Your stomach will tell you that you're full but your taste buds will yearn for more.

Tin Fish has been churning out great eats for over a decade and this summer, you are not going to want to miss any opportunities to lay out in the sun, chowing down on one of its creations!

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