Perfect Labor Day Menu: Go Beyond Burgers

The last cookout of the year should be truly delicious
A Labor Day Menu

Make the perfect end-of-summer feast!

Sure, there are a ton of reasons to look forward to the beginning of fall. As much as we love pumpkin and apple picking, we are undoubtedly sad to see summer go. It is farewell to days spent picnicking on the beach, hosting pool parties, and gathering around the campfire. [related] The best way to celebrate all summer had to offer us is to end it with the perfect Labor Day menu for the best Labor Day cookout. Put up the Labor Day decorations and plan out the Labor Day games, because this year's barbecue is destined to be a total blast. That is, if you get the menu right! For the perfect ending to a sweet summer, your Labor Day barbecue has to be on-point. All summer long you've been grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. It is high-time you put that grill to work. Here are a few ideas for you to grill up the perfect Labor Day menu.

Best-Ever Barbecue Ribs Recipe

This go-to recipe for classic barbecued ribs embraces what we refer to as our "oven-cheat" method — a technique that'll get you ultra-tender meat without spending 12 hours manning a smoker. Choose your cut — baby backs or spareribs — and follow three simple steps: 1. Season. 2. Bake. 3. Grill.

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Bacon Lime Sweet Potato Salad

This paleo-friendly bacon lime sweet potato salad uses a whole lot of bacon, and is gluten-free, and comes to us from George Bryant's paleo blog, Civilized Caveman Cooking.

Grilled Corn

Grilled corn is one of the best things about summer. Fresh, juicy, and slightly charred is exactly how I want my corn — and grilling it is the perfect way to achieve these qualities. Start with good quality corn on the cob, which is usually during the summer months when they are in the peak of their season. This is a basic recipe with butter and seasoning, but grilled corn is also great with Parmesan cheese and chopped herbs.

Black Cherry Clafouti

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