Perfect Fiesta Recipes

Throw a fiesta with a menu that satisfies!
Fiesta Recipes

You’ll love these fun recipes that will totally spice up your fiesta!

A true fiesta is a vibrant celebration of life. It is loaded with beautiful colors, fabulous décor like ornate piñatas, and of course, overflowing with food. The key to a successful fiesta is comprised of having a menu that tantalizes the taste buds is a way that delights the senses and appeals to the party atmosphere. To help you achieve that, we pulled together some of our favorite recipes that will be sure to get the fiesta started!


Instead of using a molcajete, toss your guacamole ingredients in the blender. Whip up this dip filled with monounsaturated fats and oleic and linoleic acids, which may help lower cholesterol levels.

Salsa Recipe

Salsa is always a party favorite. Not only can it be used as a spicy dip for tortilla chips, but it can add great flavor and zest to tacos, burgers, and nachos. The best part is that it’s super easy to make at home with only a handful of fresh ingredients.

Fresh salsa or pico de gallo is always a crowd favorite and is best made in the summer months when tomatoes are ripe and at their tastiest peak.

Enchiladas Recipe

Let's face it, you can put anything in enchiladas and they'll still be delicious. Meat, vegetables, beans, who cares? As long as it's smothered in tasty enchilada sauce and melty cheese, it'll taste good. This enchilada recipe is vegetarian-friendly, but good enough to please anyone. Well, except vegans. (If you're vegan, or cooking for one, simply swap out the cheese for a nondairy substitute!)

Pulled Pork Tacos

There’s one dish that we’ll enjoy whether it’s football season or the Fourth of July, and that dish is pulled pork. This recipe, featuring a South Carolina version, makes it easy to enjoy the barbecue classic during the summer in taco form, and it's topped with a refreshing cabbage slaw. From the barbecue sauce and rub to the slaw, you’ll keep going back to this recipe over and over again this summer.

Classic Margarita


Looking for a classic, perfect margarita? You've come to the right place.