How to Make a Piñata

Have a custom-made party activity in a few simple steps
Easy DIY Piñata

Learn this simple birthday craft for easy family fun.

Getting ready to celebrate a birthday always takes a lot of planning, especially if you are throwing an epic birthday party for the birthday girl or boy! You are rushing around to make the food, wrap the presents, and plan the party activities. On top of that, we’re sure you have little ones at your heels that are eager to help plan their little extravaganza. You can have them make a piñata to help pass the time with very little supervision (just be there for the scissors part). Here are three great tutorials to get you started:


Perfect for virtually any birthday celebration, this project involves very basic materials you’ve probably already purchased for your party!


This character truly comes to life in this easy tutorial.


What could be sweeter than a cupcake full of candy?

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