Live Like a Celebrity: The Robert Pattinson Edition


Whether you’re a Twi-hard — yes, we just went there — or not, you would have to be living under a rock to not know that the final film of the Twilight Saga will be released in T-minus two days.

Live like Robert Pattinson, we're telling you how!

Yes, Bella is now a vampire, and she and husband Edward have a daughter named Renesmee, who is half human, half vamp. And there are a slew of other details about the upcoming movie, but we won’t bother you with those. Let's get to what everyone is really interested in — learning to live like their favorite stars. 

In a new series on The Daily Meal entitled Live Like a Celebrity, we are telling you how to achieve the lifestyles of A-lister actors and actresses by sharing how to cook like themeat like them, drink like them, travel like them, and party like them

Up first is none other than Twilight star Robert Pattinson. You might be thinking, why didn’t we choose Kristen Stewart? Well, we actually want people to like us and her pouty moods just don't do it for us. As for why we didn’t choose Taylor Lautner, that’s easy — all we care about are his abs. Who are you kidding? You agree with us, too.


So here it goes! Let’s do it up like R-Patz from soup to nuts. Spoiler alert — it doesn’t require much effort at all, seriously. To start you off, look like you're brooding about 75 percent of the time and you’re halfway there!