Party Like Robert Pattinson

To do so, you need a flannel shirt, an old trucker hat, and worn-in jeans

Edward Cullen fans unite — the ultimate finale of the Twilight Saga is merely days, hours even, away. While the throngs of Team Jacob and Team Edward fans may fade away, Team Robert Pattinson will always be. With his relationship with Kristen Stewart now re-kindled, we can focus on the real R-Patz, — the awkwardly funny, bashful actor who has caught the eye of many admirers. 

So you want to know the real Robert Pattinson? We’ve told you how to cook like him — which doesn’t require much effort — travel like him, and drink like him — which also doesn’t require much work — but to party like him, there’s a little more substance there. 

Here’s what you need to know in order to get down like the mega-actor:
1. You need to any or all of the following items: a V-neck T-shirt, a flannel shirt, a hoodie, Ray-Bans, jeans, and a baseball cap — it’s his classic party attire. 

2. Don’t try to head to any real scene-and-be-seen spots. It’s low-key all the way — dive bars, house parties, and dinners with friends. 

3. Where are you headed? Usually somewhere in Hollywood — bars mostly, but you go to the occasional club and/or hot spot like the Chateau Marmont. 

4. Who are you going out with? Well, besides Kristen Stewart (with the exception of July to September 2012), your company usually consists of best friend Tom Sturridge, Andrew Garfield, and Twilight pals.

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All in all, you’re mostly going to stay in — which is fine by us — Twilight marathon!