What Robert Pattinson Would Make If He Could Cook

The handsome star isn’t known for his skills in the kitchen, but we’re pretty sure he’d like some of these recipes

What if that beautiful face could cook? The Cook editors of The Daily Meal wonder...

OK, so we’ve heard that Robert Pattinson can’t cook. But that doesn’t mean the Cook editors can’t fantasize about — among other things —what he would make if he could. The charming and brooding star may be too busy chasing down werewolves and moping about his famous girlfriend, but if he did have some spare time, we’re pretty sure he’d whip up one of these delicious recipes.

Minced Pies

Minced pies have always been an authentic British dish, which is why we think Pattinson would love whipping up a few for a taste of his homeland if he had the skills.

Something Bloody

OK, maybe not something that’s actually bloody, but we’d like to think it’s probably hard for him to shake his vampire hankerings off-screen, which is why we think he should try some of these True Blood-inspired recipes.

Tortilla Soup

Apparently his girlfriend Kristen Stewart makes a pretty mean tortilla soup. If he could cook, Pattison should return the favor with this recipe

Microwaveable Meals

We’ve read that Pattinson is microwave-obsessed, so we’d hope he’d try one of these delicious microwave recipes that our Recipe editor Will Budiaman gathered together.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is the answer to any heartbreak, and while Pattinson and Stewart may be on the mend, there’s always a chance they could split again (ever hear the expression once a cheater always a cheater?). We’re following Jon Stewart’s lead with this one and thinking Pattinson will probably need this recipe to have on hand.

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