Live Like a Celebrity: The Robert Pattinson Edition Slideshow

Eat Like Robert Pattinson

You want to dine like Robert Pattinson? First you’ll have to get accustomed to the taste of your own tears in your food, you pouty blue-gray eyed devil. Kidding aside, it’s actually not that difficult to do, as R-Patz dines out a lot, possessing the substantial income that people in his line of work typically do. Check out where he eats here. 

Drink Like Robert Pattinson

Wikimedia/ nicolas genin

While most teenage fangirls would rather see R-Patz drink blood (that is what vampires do, right?), we'd rather see what he drinks off-screen. So what does he drink? Answer: everything most 26-year-old dudes drink. See what Pattinson sips.

Cook Like Robert Pattinson

OK, so we've heard that Robert Pattinson can’t cook. But that doesn't mean the Cook editors can’t fantasize about — among other things —what he would make if he could. Check out what's on the menu here.

Party Like Robert Pattinson

So you want to get down like Robert Pattinson? You need to any or all of the following items: a V-neck T-shirt, a flannel shirt, a hoodie, Ray-Bans, jeans, and a baseball cap — it’s his classic party attire. See what else you'll need and where you're going here. 

Travel Like Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson knows a thing or two about traveling the world, as he has spent much of the past four years promoting the successful Twilight movie franchise. From press junkets and film shoots to outings with on-again girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart, see where he's been here. 


This last week, Pattinson showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Liveperhaps a bit more tipsy than he should have been, and admitted tohaving some vodka backstage. He told Kimmel he felt like a clown in his too-big shoes, and that the vodka wasn't helping with his balance much. To which Kimmel replied: "That's why clowns don't get drunk." Was R-Patz blowing off some nerves? 


Then Pattinson engaged in a water war with Kimmel. One can only assume he got a little bit of a taste when it was thrown in his face, right?

Whiskey and Soda

When he's not drinking vodka, he's reaching for the whiskey soda combination at the bar (newsflash: the guy likes to hang out in Brooklyn — take note, Twihards). 


Back during the K-Stew cheating debacle, Pattinson was seendrowning his sorrows in beer, with some fratty bros in Sydney. Hey, whatever works. 

Microwaveable Meals


We’ve read that Pattinson is microwave-obsessed, so we’d hope he’d try one of these delicious microwave recipes that our Recipe editor Will Budiaman gathered together.

Something Bloody

OK, maybe not something that’s actually bloody, but we’d like to think it’s probably hard for him to shake his vampire hankerings off-screen, which is why we think he should try some of these True Blood-inspired recipes.

Banana Split

Jane Bruce

Ice cream is the answer to any heartbreak, and while Pattinson and Stewart may be on the mend, there’s always a chance they could split again (ever hear the expression once a cheater always a cheater?). We’re following Jon Stewart’s lead with this one and thinking Pattinson will probably need this recipe to have on hand.

Tortilla Soup

Apparently his girlfriend Kristen Stewart makes a pretty mean tortilla soup. If he could cook, Pattison should return the favor withthis recipe

Minced Pies

Minced pies have always been an authentic British dish, which is why we think Pattinson would love whipping up a few for a taste of his homeland if he had the skills.

Four Seasons Hotel Toronto

Pattinson and Stewart were rumored to have stayed in the presidential suite at the Four Seasons Hotel Torontoin May 2011.

Rio de Janeiro

Pattinson and Stewart shot scenes for the fourth and fifth installments of Twilight in Rio de Janeiro, where they made out in between honeymoon scenes and hit the beach in November 2010. The couple stayed at the iconicCopacabana Palace.

Don’t try to head to any real scene-and-be-seen spots.

It’s low-key all the way — dive bars, house parties, and dinners with friends. 

Who are you going out with?

Well, besides Kristen Stewart(with the exception of July to September 2012), your company usually consists of best friend Tom Sturridge, Andrew Garfield, andTwilight pals.

You're staying in.

All in all, youre mostly going to stay in, like Rob and girlfriend Kristen usually do. which is fine by us Twilight marathon!

Where are you headed?

Usually somewhere in Hollywood — bars mostly, but you go to the occasional club and/or hot spot like the Chateau Marmont. 

Ben & Jerry's

Talk show host Jon Stewart offered to R-Patz during the actor’s first official interview after Kristen Stewart’s cheating scandal. The Daily Show host opted for Cherry Garcia and Karamel Sutra, but you look more like a New York Super Fudge Chunk kind of person.

Los Angeles

In Los Angeles, the dreamy Brit has been spotted at La Poubelle.

New York City

While in New York City he’s been known to frequent playground for the rich and famous The Beatrice Inn and hipster haven Freemans

Washington DC

After this year’s White House Correspondents' Dinner he paid a visit to Cathal Armstrong’s The Majestic, an upscale diner in Alexandria, Va.