How to Save Money on Your Summer BBQ

Don’t blow all your money when you can use these tips

Chicken legs are cheap and great for grilling.

One of the things we love most about summertime is being outside. The weather is nice and the sun is shining, which makes for perfect outdoor parties. We’re talking about beach parties and picnics and, of course, barbecues. As long as we watch out for sunburns, all of our summer parties should be a blast.

The downfall of throwing a barbecue party is that it can get pretty expensive. You have to buy all your grilling meats, vegetables, and make sure you have enough paper plates and utensils for all your guests. After spending all that money, you may regret having thrown the party in the first place. But don’t despair! We have some great tips to help you save money.

Skip the Fancy Meats

We know you want the meats that you can get, but that’s pretty expensive and, let’s face it: anything you make at your party will be delicious. Chicken legs and thighs are much cheaper than the breasts and have a lot of flavor. Bone-in meats generally will save you money. Or just stick with hamburgers and hot dogs, because they are classic and pretty economical.

Don’t Buy Too Much

Know how many guests are coming and how much they are all going to eat. You don’t want to be left over with thirty extra hamburgers because you were too enthusiastic at the grocery store. Leftovers are great and will taste yummy the next day, but make sure you don’t have so much that you’re going to throw it away. That’ll just be a waste of food and money. 

Know Your Grill

Grills can be finicky things, and each one has its own personality. The key to making sure you don’t burn or waste meat is to make sure that you know your grill. Know how much fuel it takes to get it to the right temperature and know how long each meat will take to cook. Also, investing in a meat thermometer will cut out any uncertainty about whether or not your meat is fully cooked.

Make Your Own Rubs and Sauces


Don’t spend money on rubs and sauces when you probably have all the things you need to make your own. Rubs are just a combination of different spices, so you can use essentially any spice you have in your kitchen, and most barbecue sauces start from a ketchup or tomato paste base. Plus, when you make your own dressings, you get to be a little creative and put your signature stamp on your food.