Stars' Summertime Snacks

Even celebrities get warm-weather cravings
Wikimedia Commons

Once the scorching temperatures and humidity of mid-summer hit, the idea of indulging in an ice cream sundae or sipping a frosty cocktail seems a lot better than hitting the gym.

Luckily, it turns out pretty much everyone has summertime cravings during these hot months — People magazine launched a slideshow depicting what stars indulge in to beat the heat. We could all take tips from healthy celebrities like Molly Sims, who is shown sipping on a smoothie, or Miranda Lambert, who tweeted a picture of fresh strawberries from husband Blake Shelton’s concert at the Florida Strawberry Festival. However, it will be hard to say no to treats like the peach and blueberry cobbler Lauren Conrad shows off or the fruity cocktails Kendra Wilkinson snapped a picture of herself drinking.


Taking a cue from stars like Joe Jonas, who snacked on grilled corn on the cob, or Lea Michele, who made a wrap with raw veggies, use fresh, seasonal ingredients this summer to make delicious meals that will leave you satisfied and guilt-free. Even Snooki set a good example, showing off platters of fresh-cut fruit, a snack that will keep everyone feeling healthy and fit for the Jersey Shore.