Host Your Own Golden Globes Viewing Party Slideshow

Theme: All that Glitters Is…

Gold! The metallic hue and ruby, romantic red are the it-colors of the Golden Globes this year. Luckily, we have a guide for glitter and glitz. Mix in a few bouquets of roses and a deep-hued tablecloth — you’re good to go.

Attire: Bring Your A-Game

We’re sure that our favorite celebrities like Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Jessica Chastain will be wearing the hottest and the most coveted looks from fashion week. While we don’t have access to such couture, we can certainly recreate it can’t we? Ladies, grab your best cocktail dress, gown, and sky-high pumps. Gents, take a cue from good ol' George Clooney—one word: bowtie. 

Menu: Take It From the Pros

The Golden Globes menu has been revealed — and with recipes! Take a cue from The Beverly Hilton’s executive chefs, or if a dinner party wasn't your idea, we have the best party foods collection around to create a menu fit for a crowd. 

Sips: Pop Champagne!

We’re taking a cue from the celebs on this one. The ultimate awards party drink of choice is definitely the bubbly. Whether it’s a straight pour or a champagne signature cocktail, champagne remains chic and fitting for the occasion. 

Festivities: Acceptance Speech Drinking Game!

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Because how many people are going to go over their allotted time? How many people are going to curse? And how many people are going to forget their husbands/wives/significant others? This is drinking game GOLD.