Where You Sit at the Thanksgiving Table Says a Lot About You (and Your Family)

Turkey Day seats are serious business… don’t pick the wrong spot
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Your seat at the dining room table can make (or break) your Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving should be no-brainer, right? There’s family, there’s food… What could go wrong once the turkey is done roasting and the last roll pulled out of the oven? Well, for one thing, you could be sitting in the wrong spot at the Thanksgiving dinner table.

Where You Sit at Thanksgiving Says a Lot About You Slideshow

Stuck in the corner or next to your crazy aunt? Oh no. Caught sitting closest to the kitchen and forced to run back and forth all through the meal? Shoot. These are seats you definitely don’t want to have to deal with.

But for every bum seat, there are the best spots: the interior seat; closest to the bathroom; or snuggled between your mom and dad are all prime real estate. Before you head off to your big Thanksgiving feast, check out our guide on the best table spots and what your preferred holiday seat says about your personality. It really could make all of the difference this Thanksgiving.

Additional reporting by Courtney Nachlas.


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