5 Reasons the Kids’ Table Is Actually Way Better

After you’ve transitioned to the “big kids’ table,” you find yourself envying the younger ones
Adults Are Boring


Try and snag yourself a seat at the fun table this year.

Throughout your childhood, you always wanted to be included in the adult table. It seemed to be sophisticated, classy, and where the real party was at. You wanted to drink out of those fancy wine glasses, eat off the good china, and debate politics with the rest of your family.

But now that you’re there, the adult table is not nearly as fun as it looked from afar. In reality, it’s filled with boring conversations and a severe lack of games. After you’ve transitioned to the “big kids’ table,” you find yourself envying the younger ones in the corner who get to eat with their hands and play with turkey puppets. The kids’ table is actually way better than its grown-up counterpart, and here are just a few reasons:

Activities at the Table

The adult table may be relegated to actually having to have conversations, but at the kids’ table, there are actually things to do besides eat and talk. Whether you’re playing a classic game of Telephone or crafting some sweet Pilgrim hats and turkey puppets, you’re having genuine fun while eating, which is more than the adults can say.

Adults Are Boring

There’s something about talking to a child that sparks a light of creativity. While the adults may be talking politics, business, and current events, you can have truly engaging, entertaining conversations about cartoons, which teachers have the weirdest habits, and how exciting it is that Santa Claus will be coming to town soon. Yeah, that magical, fun-filled point of view is a little less tense than more election talk.

Kids Eat First

This ultimate reason the kids table is the place to be this holiday: Kids eat early. The younger children can get fussy, so you get to chow down on your meal first and it is served to you. There’s no fear of clamoring for the last roll in the buffet line — it’s all yours. Bonus: Kids have fewer responsibilities, so don’t worry about clearing off that table, either. You’re free to do whatever you want after you swallow your last bite.                                                                                                                                                                               

Judge-Free Zone

Don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend? Have no idea what you want to do for a career? Still driving that same old car you’ve been cruising in for years? At the adult table, that’s all fair game for conversation. But at the kids’ table, they could not care less.

Never Mind Manners

Proper table etiquette is always appreciated at any dinner party, but children are not quite held to the same standards as those at the adult table. At the kids’ table, you’re free to play with your food, relax your elbows on the table, and chew as loudly as you want. It may be unseemly, but it is much more comfortable, making us wish our place card was on the colorful plastic table in the corner this year.


Additional Reporting By: Courtney Nachlas