A Great Cinco de Mayo Party Without the Clichés


A Great Cinco de Mayo Party Without the Clichés

You can have a great party free of stereotypes

It seems like if you’ve been to one Cinco de Mayo party, you’ve been to them all. There are hard-shell tacos, guacamole, and salsa on a buffet table. The house is decorated with piñatas, sombreros, mariachi guitars, and bright rainbow colors.

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Whether you find these tropes simply clichéd or straight up offensively stereotypical, it may seem impossible to enjoy the revelry of Cinco de Mayo, tequila, and Mexican food without them. However, we are here to tell you it is entirely possible to throw a respectful, unique, and (most importantly) fun Cinco de Mayo party without whistling the same ol’ tune.

From tasteful (yet bright) décor to an authentic Mexican food menu to a few ideas for drinking your tequila beyond the classic margarita, we have creative ways to celebrate this Cinco de Mayo. So, forget the piñata, ditch the sombrero, fake mustache, and poncho (please!) and be sure to have a good time this May 5.

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