thanksgiving turkey

Amazon Alexa Has a New Thanksgiving Skill Thanks to Butterball

'Alexa, how do I deep-fry a turkey?'
thanksgiving turkey

Amazon Alexa now has all the knowledge of Butterball's Turkey Talk-Line and can guide you through cooking your very own Thanksgiving turkey.

You’ve probably been using your Amazon Alexa to tell you what the weather is like outside, order Seamless, or to play music in the kitchen while you cook dinner. But now thanks to Butterball, your Alexa has a brand-new skill, and it’s going to come in handy for Thanksgiving. This year, your Alexa will be able to answer all your turkey cooking questions.

The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line's Most-Asked Questions (and the Answers)

Butterball has pre-recorded responses from their Turkey Talk-Line experts to answer every question you might have while you cook your Thanksgiving turkey, and is using Amazon Alexa as a way to address all your turkey questions and concerns without tying up phone lines.

All you have to do is say “Alexa” followed by your question, and she will access the Butterball’s Turkey Talk-Line’s 38 years of expertise. No matter what you’re asking — How can I tell when my turkey is done? Is it safe to stuff my turkey? — your Amazon Alexa will have an answer for you, provided you’re not asking something ridiculous or mumbling a lot.


Of course, if you don’t have an Amazon Alexa, you could always consult The Daily Meal. We did go to Butterball University, after all. We can also tell you which part of the turkey meat is healthier, remind you that you shouldn’t rely on your pop-up turkey timer, or tell you the 5 most popular ways to cook a turkey.