The 5 Most Popular Ways to Cook a Turkey

The 5 Most Popular Ways to Cook a Turkey

How will you be cooking your holiday turkey this year?
The 5 Most Popular Ways to Cook a Turkey

Ahh, the holiday turkey! A whole bird, cooked (hopefully!) to perfection, that sits as the prestigious centerpiece upon many a holiday table across America and around the world. Though surrounded by delicious sides, salads, stuffing and sauces, the turkey is typically the undisputed star of the show. But all too often, the Thanksgiving turkey under-delivers — oh, what a shame!

The 5 Most Popular Ways to Cook a Turkey, Recipes

If you think that turkey is by its nature dry and underwhelming, you are not alone! But it’s actually possible to cook turkey well. One problem is that most people only cook a whole turkey once, maybe twice a year at most. How do you expect Aunt Sue to perfectly cook a turkey on Thanksgiving when she hardly goes near the stove the other 364 days of the year?

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If you need turkey inspiration, look no further! There are more ways to cook turkey than you may assume, from the traditional roasted to brined, fried, smoked or even bacon-wrapped birds. Of course, nothing screams tradition like an oven-roasted turkey, but if that doesn’t inspire you, there are plenty of outer routes to go down. So keep reading, take notes, choose one of these tasty recipes and try one of the five most popular ways to cook a turkey.