There’s No Thanksgiving Turkey Emoji, and Butterball Wants to Change That

The turkey company has launched a petition on Change.org

When posting a picture of your Thanksgiving plate to social media or texting about exactly how one should roast a turkey, a problem quickly arises: There’s no fitting turkey emoji. Sure, you can use a picture of a bird, an empty plate, or a chicken leg, but none of those are the beautiful, fully-cooked bird that is the centerpiece of any holiday spread. But now Butterball is looking to change that.

In anticipation of Thanksgiving and to help promote its ever-popular Butterball Turkey Talk-Line (and text-line), Butterball has released a petition asking its fans to get a roasted turkey emoji added to the next batch of iOS updates.

Every other major American holiday has its own emoji, as Butterball points out in its pitch video. New Year’s Eve has a popping Champagne bottle, Valentine’s Day has like 10 different kinds of hearts, and Christmas has an evergreen tree, a Christmas tree, Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a snowman, a wrapped present, and more. But Thanksgiving… well, it’s out in the cold. The closest that Turkey Day comes to having its own emoji is the turkey under the animals and nature category, but that bird is nowhere near oven-ready.

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You can sign Butterball’s Thanksgiving emoji petition over at Change.org. And if you’re looking for the perfect Instagram-worthy way to cook your turkey this holiday season, click here for nine over-the-top ways you can make your Thanksgiving turkey.