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What We Think Halo Top's New Flavors Should Really Be Called

Pumpkin Pie: ‘Why Is My Pie So Soggy?’
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Halo Top

Some of them don't taste like they seem.

We’ve tasted. We’ve tested. We took all of the new flavors of the wildly popular healthy ice cream brand Halo Top and did not judge the book by its cover.

Instead, we hid the titles of these deceptively healthy treats and devised names for them ourselves!

Here’s What We Think Halo Top's New Flavors Should Really Be Called.

Essentially, we asked several of The Daily Meal editors to try all eight (yes, eight) of Halo Top’s newly released flavors in a blind taste test. Then, we had them conjure their own titles for the tastes, without knowing the actual name on the label.

We put into words what we were all really thinking as soon as we took a bite of each diet ice cream flavor.


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