14 Favorite Chocolate Desserts to Turn Your Dinner Party Decadent

These chocolate treats are what dessert-lovers' dreams are made of
Ultimate Hot Chocolate


On those cold, winter evenings, all we really want to do is curl up with a mugful of rich hot chocolate.

Whether you’re cooking a family meal, hosting a small party for friends, or creating a romantic dinner for two, choosing to end the evening with a crowd-pleasing chocolate dessert is always a good idea.

14 Favorite Chocolate Desserts to Turn Your Dinner Party Decadent (Slideshow)

We don’t know anyone who can say no to a double chocolate cookie or a mug of hot chocolate as rich as any cake; something about that sweet, luxurious ingredient makes even the most strong-willed among us lose all self-control.

Indulging in a chocolate treat at the end of the day is scientifically proven to finish the evening on the happiest note: Chocolate is packed full of tryptophan, which is used by the brain to make serotonin, a chemical that induces us to relax and smile. We think it would be unfair to ask for anything more than guaranteed happiness from our dessert.

Whether you’re a dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or white chocolate person, there’s something in this recipe collection for everyone. Our favorite chocolate desserts are a mixture of classics, such as dark chocolate tart; family staples, like double fudge brownies; and over-the-top chocolate creations, for instance an extravagant peanut butter fluff and chocolate tart.


There’s a chocolate recipe here to suit any occasion, because, in our opinion, all occasions need chocolate.