fat dog

How to Put Your Dog on a Diet

Take these simple steps to keep the spring in Fido’s step and keep the rolls off
fat dog

If he's getting a little pudgy, it's probably time to intervene.

It’s time to face it: Your dog has gained a few. We know it looks super cute to keep him pudgy, but the reality of the health consequences for your best friend is no laughing matter. According to the latest veterinary surveys, over half our nation’s dogs and cats are overweight.

Dogs count on us — they trust us to feed them correctly and keep them healthy. It seems America is failing its canine population and letting them fall victim to the same faults we are: Overeating.

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The consequences of those layers of puppy flab are imminent and very real. Being overweight can result in your dog experiencing severe arthritis, deadly diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. When you adopted your pet, you didn’t dream of quality time spent at veterinarian’s offices, cleaning up sickly indigestion consequences, or carrying a dog that can’t walk. You dreamt of days at the park, organizing doggy play dates, enjoying adorable meals together, and spending far too much time playing fetch.


Let those memories last longer by taking care of your pet now. Our tips for putting your dog on a diet can help Tinkerbell shed those debilitating pounds before things get serious.