18 Superfoods You Should Try Feeding to Your Amazing Dog

Give your canine the royal treatment with these basic but super-nutritious foods

Now, you can go on a picnic together and just pack one, super food for lunch.

At this point, a dog being carted around in a stroller hardly even turns any heads — so how ridiculous would it be to start feeding them superfoods? In our opinion, it’s not absurd at all; in fact, it’s a welcome excuse to let your adorable little beggar in on some tasty table food.

Whip up a kale salad and share it with your pooch. Sear a fillet or two of salmon and share with your eager pet.

Honestly, how cute are these dinner possibilities?

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They’re not even that much of a strain on your wallet. “Superfoods” are talked up excessively in health food communities and online, but in actuality a superfood is just any food that’s highly nutritious. Fruits, vegetables, and many other nutrient-dense options are all considered superfoods, meaning that it can be totally realistic and affordable to start buying a few extra for your dog.

The health benefits for Fido could be miraculous, and range from preventing cancer to simply adding a little pep to his step.


The one drawback to feeding him these superfoods: You’ll never get him to stop sticking his nose on the table at dinner! It’s worth it, though. These foods have crazy-good nutritional potential for your puppy.