Warm Guacamole Is Our New Favorite Thing

You need to start adding guacamole to your grilled cheese right now
Avocado Bagel


Add a layer of guacamole to your bagel.

We know that warm guacamole sounds completely bizarre, but you need to trust us that it really is amazing. We’re not asking you to simply put your bowl of guacamole, which you were planning on serving alongside a frozen margarita and a stack of tortilla chips, in the microwave for a couple of minutes (although we’re pretty sure that would be delicious too — we’ll save that trial for the colder months). What we’re asking you to do is warm it up in every food you can stuff or fill, from burgers to bagels to chicken breasts.

We’ve seen, tried, and loved avocado fries, avocado on pasta, and avocado with an egg baked in the center of it, so warm avocado isn’t completely new territory to the avocado-obsessives amongst us. But now we want you to swap those heated up slices of green goodness for a lightly warmed version of our favorite dip. Spread it in a toasted sandwich, scoop it on top of a burger, stuff it into chicken breasts, or squish it in a bagel: Warm guacamole will make all your favorite foods taste even better.

But the ultimate way to enjoy warm guacamole is to add it to your grilled cheese. We all know that grilled cheese is best when doused in as much fat as possible, whether it’s in the form of layers of cheese, extra lashings of butter, crispy bacon, or olive oil. But now, we can make room for a ‘good’ fat on our grilled cheese by adding a thick layer of guacamole in between those buttered slices of bread. Toast the grilled cheese as you normally do — the guacamole warming up as the cheese melts and the bread turns golden — and be prepared to eat the best grilled cheese of your life. And as an added bonus, the inclusion of guacamole will make it feel as if you’re eating something healthy, as all that tasty green mush squeezes out the sides, and you can no longer even see the greasy cheese.


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