8 Ways to Make Healthy Lunches for the Whole Family

Dr. Axe talks about healthy lunch options that parents and children alike can enjoy
swap out gluten

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Gluten-free recipes and foods may make your whole family's tummies feel better after enjoying lunch.

When it comes to making lunch for the whole family, convenience often outweighs healthy decision making. Healthier juice boxes can cost more than less healthy options, making the unhealthier choice more practical. Also, many parents face the situation in which their kids don’t like eating vegetables (we have easy ways to sneak vegetables into lunches), making lunchtime nutrition a pain to deal with. Don’t fret, though: We have some more ideas regarding healthy lunches for the whole family.

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There’s no reason that young children, teens, 20-somethings, and parents alike can’t all enjoy the good-tasting, energizing benefits of eating healthy foods. We’ve asked one of the top nutritional experts in the health and wellness field to discuss some ways to incorporate healthy foods into lunches, and we’ll show you ways in which you can make these healthy foods appealing to even the pickiest young eater.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that a stop by the nearest drive-thru isn’t the healthiest lunch option,” says Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CNS, and founder of DrAxe.com, one of the most popular health and wellness sites on the web. “But it isn’t just about keeping unwanted pounds at bay — eating the wrong lunch can tank your energy, leave your brain feeling foggy, and even put you in a bad mood.”

“But simply avoiding bad food isn’t good enough, either. If you want to take your… lunch game to the next level… you have to make a conscious effort to choose the right foods,” says Dr. Axe. He’s confident that these additions will keep the entire family’s energy levels (and tummy) filled.

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