Foods That Keep You Young

From your mind to your skin, we know the perfect food antidotes to aging
Fountain of Youth Foods

Want to look at feel like you’re 17 again? Eat these delicious foods.

So many people believe the “fountain of youth” can be found in a facial cream or a bottle of beauty serum. In an effort to look youthful, people pile on makeup and lotions that "guarantee" a transformation that will turn back the clock.

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It should be no secret that the secret to looking young is so much more than skin deep. True “everlasting youth” begins on the inside and works its way out. Our favorite solution? Start with food. You’ve heard all about the benefits water has in keeping you looking and feeling young, but have you ever considered the fact that what you eat could affect how you show your signs of aging? Not only can you use this natural resource to look young, it can help you feel young as well.

For instance, drizzles of olive oil on your salad can ease your aching joints with its anti-inflammatory properties and put that youthful skip back into your step. And to see the world through young, sharp eyes you have to load up on foods like spinach and sweet potatoes which are high in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, beta-carotene, and vitamin A.

There are plenty more foods that have multiple purposes and act as anti-aging superfoods, from salmon to blueberries. Incorporate these delicious foods into your diet and we bet you’ll take a walk back through time!

For Your Brain

for your brain

Staying young means nothing if you aren’t staying smart. You definitely want to load up on the brain-boosting foods to keep your wits razor sharp. Foods like blueberries contain anthocyanins, which help reverse age-related declines in cognitive and motor function.

For Your Muscles


Nothing will make you feel older than aching muscles, but a healthy diet can help with muscle architecture, while others reduce muscle soreness. For instance, the caffeine in coffee directly stimulates your muscles to help put a spring in your step. 

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This story was originally published September 5, 2014.