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5 Reasons Everyone's Talking About Food Goddess Chrissy Teigen Right Now

She adores fast food, cooking, and her daughter Luna, and we adore her
chrissy teigen

She's gorgeous, she's crafty in the kitchen, and she has these 5 other fabulous attributes, too

If you’ve been in a bookstore lately, or haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen Chrissy Teigen’s epic cookbook, Cravings. A gorgeous model and healthy living idol, Chrissy Teigen shocked us all by releasing a cookbook that not only flaunted drool-worthy meals like sweet potato gnocchi, but also enabled indulgent kitchen craft with dripping desserts and buttery pastas.

Her balanced, craving-loving take on cooking and life is actually keeping her healthier and happier than ever. In fact, when a skeptical writer for Marie-Claire tried her method of eating what you want, when you want it, she actually managed to lose weight — all while eating much tastier foods.

But that’s not all she’s doing. Chrissy Teigen is all anyone’s talking about in food right now, and for so many reasons. Here are a few of our favorites.

1. She wants her daughter Luna to eat fast food.

"It’s hard sometimes because you want to find balance and there’s organic this, organic everything. She loves French fries, like, she’s a kid,” Chrissy explained to People magazine. “I don’t want to deprive her.”

She’s onto something — America’s got it wrong with trying to put limitations and rules on eating. The science is in: Deprivation diets don’t work, and they actually only serve to make your health (and your self-esteem) worse in the long run.

Teigen is doing her daughter a huge service by not making her think she has to diet — just another reason we’re so jealous Luna gets to have Chrissy as a mom!

2. She hangs out at McDonald’s.


Teigen recently teamed up with McDonald’s to announce their Global McDelivery partnership with UberEats. She’s feeding it to her daughter and she’s delivering it to firemen. She’s got us all asking: What’s so wrong about eating fast food?

We’re not sure she can get any more relatable.

3. She is so fed up with unicorn food.

She keeps her foods simple — just like her alcohol.

“The unicorn burrito with cotton candy? That’s not a burrito. That’s a tortilla filled with cotton candy and jelly on it,” she said to People. It’s true, the multi-colored creations are getting out of hand. Some of them aren’t even pretty. We have to wonder: What’s the purpose behind all this gaudy preparation?

She’s a wholehearted believer in honest, authentically good food — food that doesn’t rely on Instagram or flashy plating to make its point. “Now everyone feels like they need a gimmick, and you really don’t —just make good, hearty beautiful food.”

4. She got herself blocked by Donald Trump on Twitter.

Girl’s got opinions, and she’s not afraid to offer them. On July 23, Trump tweeted, “It's very sad that Republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their President,” and Teigen responded simply, “Lolllllll no one likes you.”

After nine years of Twitter harassment, this was the straw that broke the president’s back. Teigen got herself blocked, and she’s not mad. “I take pride in that,” she stated.

5. She’s got her heart set on baby number two.

As if her family with John and Luna could get any cuter.

“I cannot wait to have the biggest family,” she told E! News. For now, she’s savoring the time she has with Luna. But she’s got some sibling planning in the works for her little girl.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for them both!


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