The 26 Biggest Health Hazards You Face This Summer

Summer is meant to be fun, not painful or itchy, and certainly not deadly
hiking hot


No one is immune to heat-related illness.

An article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette says that summertime is “trauma season” for hospital emergency rooms. This three-month period that follows spring is especially potent (read: dangerously debilitating) in American states where residents have been cooped up in the cold all winter (even if they were enjoying one of our 25 One-Pot Meals Perfect for Winter), eagerly awaiting warmer weather’s open arms.

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In this trauma season, a season that’s ideal for frolicking in the outdoors, hosting barbecues (even those who avoid land-based meat can enjoy a good old BBQ by hosting an all-seafood summer get together), spending some time working on your short game, and relaxing on one of the best beaches for avoiding crowds, no one is truly ever safe. There are countless ways that even the most vigilant of hypochondriacs and worrywarts can face danger during summer.

We’ve pieced together 26 of the biggest health hazards that you may run into this summer. Knowledge is power, and learning what dangers may face you this summer can help you take the appropriate steps to keeping yourself out of harm’s way.