America's Best Golf Resort Restaurants

We serve up our "front nine" restaurants for Masters season

Whistling Straights restaurant has earned the Three Diamond Award from AAA and the Award of Excellence from Wine Spectator magazine.

As many golfers know, some courses are more accessible than others, and the same can be said about their associated restaurants. One might assume that the best dining options at golf courses around the country are private, yet this isn’t always the case. In fact, you don't have to win a purse on the back nine at the Masters in order to experience an outstanding course meal.

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In preparation for your approaching travel plans, we’ve chosen the best public golf course dining options across the country. These public golf courses are considered among the best in the States, but their impressive putting greens aren’t the only aspects that draw big crowds. It’s the fine dining atmosphere and the award-winning dishes that make these greens some of the most noted in the country.

Of course, depending on the course, you may have to pay a fee (anywhere from $45-$500 according to our list) for the privilege of shooting all 18 holes. All the same, these chosen locations can accommodate and appeal to a wide variety of guests.


Boasting Michelin stars, James Beard-recognized chefs, and diamond stars from AAA, this list will make you wonder if you’re going for the golf, or if the food is your main priority. From the Carolinas to Hawaii, these getaways will certainly satisfy your desire for both the great outdoors and an outstanding dining experience.